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Boxed gift set of six round and one oval Earthmarks garden markers
Herb Garden Gift Collection

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Herb Garden Markers

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Italian Parsley
Sweet Basil
Lemon Balm
Lemon Thyme
Curly Parsley
Flat Leaf Parsley
French Tarragon
Chocolate Mint
Greek Oregano
Thai Basil
Garlic Chives

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Earthmarks Herb Garden Markers

Thyme Earthmarks herb garden marker in thyme plant Oval Earthmarks garden marker in front of rosemary plant Round and oval blank Earthmarks herb garden markers

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Oregon landscape designer, Vicki Antelope Bear, created these herb garden markers for her own garden because she couldn't find exactly what she wanted anywhere else.  The herb markers she wanted needed to be beautiful garden accents, yet durable enough to withstand weather and temperature extremes.  Starting from scratch, Vicki set out to create herb garden markers that suited her requirements.

After several months of testing various clay bodies, underglazes, patinas, materials for the garden stake etc., Vicki and her husband, Jackson Hawk, created a herb garden marker that they were proud of.  It was made of high-fired stoneware in an attractive terra cotta color, the names were impressed into the clay and after an initial firing in a kiln, the lettering was underglazed and a soft verdigris patina was applied, then they were fired again (a twelve step process in all).

Quite pleased with their creation, Vicki and Jackson showed them off to their friends and neighbors.  When several people wanted to purchase them for their own gardens, a home business was born.

Jackson undertook a year-long durability test which put some strain on our marriage, but apparently no strain on the herb garden marker being tested.  You can read about it here.

The first time Earthmarks herb garden markers were offered for sale to the general public was in 1992 at the Growers and Crafters Market in Grants Pass, OR.  At that time you could choose from 31 different herb markers.

You can now choose from over 431 round garden markers for marking herbs, annuals, perennials, fruits, veggies, and whimsical names. The latest addition to our list is Italian Marjoram added on 5/2/14.  There are also more than 150 additional names, including custom personalized names, on our limited supply list.

While we haven't sold our garden markers at the Growers Market in several years, it is still one of the best places to buy locally-grown fruits and veggies, as well as locally-made hand-crafted items.  There is probably a Growers Market in a town near you.  Support your local farmer.  You'll get the freshest, most flavorful fruits and veggies you have ever tasted!  Once you taste a real home-grown tomato, you will never want to buy store-bought tomatoes again.

Our customers will usually find us by using Google, using search terms as garden markers, herb garden markers, herb garden label, herb garden tag, herb label, plant marker, plant label, plant tag, herbal gift, garden label, garden tag, gardening accessories, gardening gifts etc.  No matter what you call them, we have just what you're looking for.

Made in USA.  Each garden marker is handcrafted in our shop situated on 5 beautiful acres of woodland forest in Rogue River, Oregon.

Earthmarks herb garden markers are unconditionally guaranteed, so you can buy with complete confidence.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you enjoy it.

Be Joyful,

Claude and Maya (younger, goofier alter egos of Jackson and Vicki)


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New for 2014

Italian Marjoram


New for 2013

French Sorrel
Mexican Tarragon
Poblano Pepper


New for 2012

Hens and Chicks
Broccoli Raab


New for 2011

English Cucumber
Boxwood Basil
White Onions
Yellow Onions


New for 2010

Patty Pan Squash
Heirloom Tomato
Pole Bean
Pesto Basil
Mammoth Basil
Small Leaf Basil
Red Potato
Yellow Bell


New for 2009

Flat Leaf Parsley
Four O'Clocks
Mojito Mint
Spaghetti Squash


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